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professional business headshots in Frisco TX

How many of you own or operate a small business? Or let's just face it, work as a professional? It doesn't matter if you are self-employed or work for a major corporation. In today's world powered by technology the first thing potential clients see is your headshot, and it can speak volumes. You only get one chance to make a first impression, so it is so important to convey the right message through professional business headshots!

If your day-to-day business doesn't require you to hang out on the web constantly, you may not be aware of how many place you can use your headshot.

Here are a few:

  • Your website

  • Your Facebook business page

  • Leaving comments on blogs

  • On your blog

  • Guest posts on another website

  • Business Cards

But the cost?

I know.

I balked at this very suggestion that was made to me 4 years ago. Pro work seemed so stinkin’ expensive. I understand counting pennies, but this expense will be worth every penny you pay. And the investment will produce more than you will spend. I got my first headshot done by an amazing photographer that understood what a good headshot meant. Since then, I have updated it several times. When you are looking for a photographer, check out their work. Ask questions until you are satisfied with the answers. And talk to a few different ones until you are comfortable with one.

If you should like to consider professional headshots, Courtney Morgan Photography offers a few different options.

The Petite Session These sessions are great for small business owners who just need a few

professional images for social media, website, or business card purposes.

Session Includes

•30-Minute studio session at CMP Studios

•White, gray, and black background options

•3 digital images with professional retouching

•Print and usage release for professional use

Personal Branding Sessions Professional Branding Sessions are perfect for professionals looking to stand out from the crowd and get noticed. These are more than just headshot, this is telling your clients who you are and making the best first impression.

Session includes

•Personal design consultation to plan your session

•Portrait session at CMP studio, as well as on location

•Professonal hair, makeup, and wardrobe styling

•100 custom designed business cards

•12 digital images with professional retouching

•Print and usage release for professional use


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