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How to prepare for your maternity session - FAQ's, Dallas Maternity Photographer

Dallas Maternity Photographer

When should I schedule my maternity session?


Maternity sessions can be scheduled at any time during your pregnancy. It is best to plan to do your session between 30-35 weeks. We want to schedule your session during that magical time between when you are showing but before you start feeling it too much. You also want to contact your photographer with enough advanced notice to get on their schedule. I recommend contacting your maternity photographer at the beginning of your second trimester to ensure a date on their calendar.

Dallas maternity photography

What should I wear to my maternity session?


Most clients select 3-4 looks for their session.  These can be classy and elegant to casual and laid back. Courtney Morgan Photography offers a designer client closet with over 200 designer, couture dresses and body suits that are available for my clients.  During our design consultation, we will discuss the look you want to achieve and the dresses to wear to fulfill your vision.  We can also discuss what anyone else will wear if you are including spouses or other children.  

Dallas Maternity Photographer

Where will my session take place?


Maternity sessions can take place in studio, or outdoors.  During our design consultation, we will discuss the best option for you and what you envision.  I have favorite outdoor locations in the Dallas and surrounding areas that I can suggest, but am also open to suggestions from my clients.  

Maternity Photographer in Dallas

How should I wear my hair and makeup for my session?


Courtney Morgan Photography offers professional hair and makeup from our award winning stylist.  She will discuss your vision as well as take a look at your selected wardrobe to help decide the best look for your session, ensuring your are able to relax and be pampered on your special day.

Dallas Photographer maternity

Who can be included in my maternity photography session?


Maternity sessions can include just the mother-to-be, but most clients include their spouse, and any other children they have.  We even love to include furry babies as well.  There is no additional charge for include your spouse or children.

Dallas Maternity photographer

Reminders and tips for your maternity photography session!


• Relax and have fun! Don't worry about being awkward or not knowing how to pose. That's my job; to show you just how beautiful you are!

• Don't forget to plan out outfits for anyone included in your session. I can offer suggestions on what would work best once we pick out the dresses you will be wearing.

• If you have a strapless bra, that works best. All undergarments should be a neutral or nude color. Avoid white and black as those show most in photographs.

• We will focus on your growing belly, and hands often show. Don't forget to take care of those finger nails! This is a great excuse to go get that manicure you've been putting off.


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