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What is a Milestone Session? | Frisco Baby Photographer

Babies grow so fast! At no point does your baby grow and change faster than the first year. From the newborn stage to celebrating their first birthday, there are so many milestones that happen in between. Milestone sessions are the perfect way to capture those moments and special memories. Here are the milestones that I recommend for milestone photo sessions.

The Pushing-up Milestone

This milestone usually occurs between 3-4 months. This is when your baby can lay on their tummy and push up for a few seconds. During this time frame, baby is also great at smiling and eye contact. Every now and then, baby will fall asleep, and that's ok too. It's fun to put them in some of the sleepy newborn poses if they do. To help prepare for this session, it's a good if baby has experience with tummy time (as instructed/recommended by your pediatrician). I also tell parents to bring 2-3 outfits to change into. Babies at this age typically don't like being changed too much, so we try to limit that to help baby be happy and more willing to share their cute little smiles.

Sitter Session/Milestone

Sitter sessions occur when baby can sit well unsupported, without falling over. This can happen anytime between 5-7 months. This is probably my favorite type of session (right behind newborns)! Their little personality really shines through. And bonus, they usually aren't crawling yet, and will stay where we place them. I have several outfits that we can use for this session as well as props and setups. This session can be done outdoors or in studio, or possibly both.

One Year/Cake Smash Session

This session takes place 3-4 weeks before baby turns one. This ensures we can get your images back to your before the birthday party so you can have the images on display at the party if you so choose. Courtney Morgan Photography offers a number of package options and will help you design your session colors and themes.


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