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Is it too late for newborn photos - Dallas Newborn Photographer

I hear that question a lot, especially lately. The Corona Virus has definitely uprooted our normal, day-to-day lives. With so much uncertainty, it can be a scary times for parents, especially new parents. Over the past month I have received several calls and emails asking me about newborn photographs. This is such a special moment in the lives of my clients, and some are so heartbroken about missing these sweet little moments. Some have even been told by other photographers that it will be too late, and they will never get these moments. THAT'S NOT TRUE! While it is a fact that we may not be able to get babies in the studio before the two-week window, it's never to late to capture the special moments of you baby's life. Some of our expectations my have to adjust, but, truth be told, I sometimes prefer older babies. They usually get to sleep a little faster, they feed and get full faster, and usually make amazing eye contact and give smiles a little more freely. It can be more difficult to get them into the curly two-week old positions, but with a little patience and a photographer that understands what to do, and how to do it, it is totally possible! Here are a few sessions with older babies. Make sure to read their stories as you look through!

Ivy - 9 Weeks Old

This little nugget came to me from Austin, TX. She was here with her family (her mommy is my best friend since middle school) to visit. We had wanted to do a session earlier, but it just didn't work out, so we went with the flow and were able to get some beautiful portraits of baby AND big sister.

Jackson - 7 weeks old

Jackson's mom contacted me at the end of her pregnancy, but initially decided to go with someone cheaper. Although disappointed, I do understand that my services and expertise does not fit all budgets. After several weeks she contacted me again to let me know the photographer she had chosen canceled on her three times, then told her the baby was too old for her to do newborn portraits. When she reached back out to me, she told me she now understood why true professionals are worth every penny. We discussed her session and what she envisioned, and I have to say, her little one "behaved" like a perfect little angel.

Baby Lyanna - 8 weeks

This little one made me work for her session, but look how adorable these turn out! We ended up with a huge gallery for her momma and daddy to choose from, and showed off her little personality. I love the colors mom picked for her session!

The important thing to remember is that it's not too late! Even if this lockdown continues, we can capture some beautiful moments together! Here are a few other favorites from baby sessions three months through 7 months.

Milestone sessions can be done in studio or outdoors. Contact Courtney Morgan Photography to request more information or set up your complimentary design consultation.

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