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What are milestone sessions, and why should I care?

If you live within earshot of Frisco or Plano, you have probably heard me shout the importance of a milestone session. But I realized after talking with an expecting Plano mom, that there are some who have never heard of a milestone session. So instead of me telling you why it is so important to capture these moment, I will let one of my client. Meet Miss Avalynne. Here momma contacted me when she found out she was expecting and knew she wanted to capture her first girl as she grew throughout her first year.

"Capturing Avalynne's milestone sessions were so important to my husband & I for many reasons. You see when you have an infant, whether your first, last, unplanned or planned, they grow & change so quickly that first year. Literally over night. The little tiny fingers get chunky, those wrinkle foreheads smooth out, the gummy grins get teeth, that peacefully sleeping little unicorn turns into a fun, adventurous, thrill seeking toddler before your very eyes. We didn't know "milestone sessions" were a thing when our older kids were babies, or we would have done theirs too. So, with Avalynne, we wanted to document those precious changes. We firmly believe in the investment of having these keepsake memories forever. We only have them for a short while before they are running off to college. I want to cherish every moment of that." -Lisa (Avalynne's Mommy)

I couldn't agree more! Literally overnight! And as much as you love them, the years have a way of erasing those memories. Preserve those memories for a lifetime and never forget the tiny fingers or the chubby cheeks.

Here are the first from our milestone sessions. Stay tuned for more and watch Avalynne grow.

Plano Photographers

There are several options for the timing of these milestone sessions. Here are the milestones that I usually recommend for my clients:

Newborn - These sessions are best when done between 7-14 days after birth. After about the 2 week mark, they typically don't curl into the cute little poses.

Pushing Up - Usually somewhere around 3-4 months babies will learn how to lay on their belly and push themselves up. This allows for more variety in posing and more options for your final gallery.

Sitter - (After newborn, this is my FAVORITE age) Sitter sessions take place when baby can sit unassisted for a good length of time, usually between 6-7 months. This is before baby starts crawling or walking, but they have definitely developed a personality and aren't afraid to show it!

One Year - During this session your little one will be able to stand and/or walk unassisted or with support. Some parents choose to do a cake smash. At CMP we will work and plan together to design the perfect session that will fit with your theme and colors for your little one's birthday.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule your complimentary consultation with us, please contact Courtney Morgan Photography. Scroll through the gallery below for a few milestone sessions that we have photographed.

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