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5 Tips for a Perfect Maternity Session

Maternity Photography has taken off like never before. So mamas, say it with me, "I am beautiful!" I mean when else in life do you NOT have to worry about sucking in your tummy? ;) Let's be real though, there are a lot of things going on; swollen ankles, the crazy mood swings, and a lot of other things that we won't go into detail about. But this is the most amazing thing you will ever do with your body. I mean you are literally GROWING ANOTHER HUMAN! It's so important to capture this moment in a way that your child will treasure and be able to share for future generations.

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When I was pregnant with my first two children, gorgeous maternity portraits really weren't a thing. I mean I do have a few that my husband took with our little point-and-shoot camera (yes, before cell phone pics), and those few are printed out and stuck in their baby books, sitting up high on their closet shelves. But with my youngest, I decided to document the last few months with a professional maternity session. So, I got dressed up, got my hair and makeup done, and went out to a field with an old barn with my photographer. After getting the images back, I put them together in a nice, heirloom quality album (not the cheap Shutterfly ones). It now sits out on our coffee table along with a few other family albums. From time to time, my little one LOVES to get "HER" album and curl up in my lap to hear stories of when she was in Mommy's belly. And by now she has heard them enough to tell the stories herself. I take pride in this because I know she will be able to pass down those stories and hopefully compare her pregnancies to mine when that time comes.

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So, what goes into a beautiful, successful maternity session? Here are my five tips for a perfect maternity session:


Timing is key to beautiful maternity portraits. You want your baby bump to show, but don't want to be so miserable that you don't enjoy it. You also want the perfect time of day and location that will fit your style and what you envision. We recommend your session take place between weeks 32-36. Another important factor is the number of pregnancies you have been through. Typically women will show earlier with each pregnancy. Your photographer should be able to help you determine the right timing for the best outcome.


This is the time to pamper yourself. Get your nails done, your hair, your makeup. Get a dress that makes you feel beautiful. The great thing about Courtney Morgan Photography? Most of that pampering is included in your session. We help take the stress out of finding a makeup artist. Our hair and makeup artists are knowledgeable in how to apply makeup and fix hair that will look best for photographs (yes, there is a special way to do make up for portraits). And dresses? We have a wide variety of designer gowns to choose from. We can sit down with you and find the perfect gown and discuss your style for hair and makeup at our design consultation.


What do you want to do with your beautiful portraits once your session is complete? Surely a quality canvas hanging on your wall would be so much more pleasant to look at everyday than a USB sitting on your desk. Or, like in my example above an album to curl up with to tell stories. At Courtney Morgan Photography, we truly believe that your images look the best when printed. We offer a wide variety of wall art, image boxes, and customized albums to fit any decor. We invite you to come take a look at our fine art products and feel the quality and craftsmanship.


Don't be afraid to include your husband or older siblings in our session (even your furry babies). having others be a part of your session allows your photographer to create family images as well. This will be the last time your family looks like this, so make sure to freeze that moment. It's a great time for your older children to show their love for their unborn sibling.


This is the most important tip! Don't be afraid to shop around for a photographer that you click with. Ask questions and get to know them. It is important to find someone you can easily communicate with so you feel more comfortable during your session. Chance are if you click over the phone, it will be a fun, successful session. CMP offers anyone a complimentary face-to-face or phone consultation to ensure a perfect fit. You may also want to consider a photographer's newborn photography when searching for a maternity photographer. This way you can build a relationship that will carry over through the newborn portraits and all future portrait sessions. We offer a first year package to capture all the wonderful milestones of your baby's first year.

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