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Exciting News!!!

Well, we started a new year! And while 2016 was an amazing year for Courtney Morgan Photography, 2017 promises even more new and exciting things.

In 2009, by husband bought me my first DLSR. I have always loved photography, but never dreamed that the gift he gave me would plant the seed that has grown into owning my own photography business. And now.... AND NOW!!!! Here I am on the verge of opening my dream studio. (You may have seen the video I posted on Instagram a couple of months ago.) It has definitely been a ride, full of roadblocks, caution signs, and detours. However, I truly believe that this is what God has intended for me, my business, and my family. This is just the first of many exciting things happening this year. Follow my Facebook page for more updates, sneak peeks and the current events at Courtney Morgan Photography.

Here is a peek inside:

Downstairs Entry

This is the upstairs main shooting area. So much space!!!

Shooting area with the rough idea for this little nook.

My office and client viewing area.

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