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Arbor Hills Nature Preserve is a series of creeks and trails in Plano Texas.  Nestled in the middle of a large city, it is a photographer's dream.  It's many different backdrops give a great variety all within walking distance; from heavily wooded areas, to open fields, and creek bottoms, you can't go wrong.  It is typically pretty crowded, but if you are willing to venture off the main trail a bit, you can find secluded areas for a picture-perfect location.


  • It is a WILDLIFE preserve.  There are snakes, skunks, spiders, and other critters that one would expect to find in the "wild." Use common sense and caution when venturing off the main trail. 

  • Because the maintenance is minimal, chiggers are BAD in this area.  Make sure you and your clients use a bug spray with Deet in order to help protect from the bugs.  I also recommend bringing baby wipes to wipe down legs, feet, and abdomen as soon as your session is finished, then showering immediately after to help reduce the number of bites.

  • If you plan on taking clients, make sure to inform them about the bugs, wildlife, and the walking.  I usually tell my clients to wear a comfortable pair of walking shoes and carry their cute photo shoes.  We change shoes for pictures and wear the comfortable pair as we walk between settings.  Also, if young kids are involved, a stroller or wagon can be suggested.

  • Parking can sometimes be difficult on weekends.  I suggest my clients arrive at least 10-15 minutes early to find a parking spot.

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